Searching for the Source in Writing and Life

This is the second article inspired by a trip to the Jura Mountains in France, the land of dinosaur footprints and vin jaune (yellow wine).

We were staying near the tiny village of Baume-les-Messieurs and its Cluniac Abbey surrounded by a canyon of limestone, amid the muted greens of winter and the occasional dusting of snow. …

The Thirteen Best Horses in the World (Interview)

Anouk (age 9), Magnus (age 7). Interviewer: Drew Eisenhauer 2021

In “The Thirteen Best Horses in the World” I recounted our trip to the le Jura region of France and my resolution to start a blog from an American expatriot’s perspective. I thought I would get material by interviewing friends and strangers, but somehow those efforts never went anywhere. Finally, I got an interview with the kids in the backseat who had created an imaginative role playing game about the thirteen best horses in the world, only to have them apparently delete…

travel outside — explore inside

In the middle of le Jura, a region in eastern France: The peaks of the mountains here were once islands in a sea, islands populated with dinosaurs, hence the name Jurassic Age of course…

I guided the little Peugeot around the curves of the switchback; we weren’t in a hurry, and although these are little mountains compared to other ranges, a plunge off the edge of a little mountain would be just as much of a shock as from a big one, I figured. …

Drew Eisenhauer

Drew Eisenhauer is an American who lives in Paris, France,

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